10 Things I Hate About Windows 10

And How To Fix Them

Windows 10 is arguable the best operating system out of Microsoft today but there are some things we hate about Windows 10. Don’t take this the wrong way. We love the start menu improvements, the Action Center and Cortana usefulness and the stronger and improved Edge browser. Windows 10 is faster and easier and has a timeline that is actually beneficial. But that’s not to say Windows 10 is perfect. As much as we like it, and we do, there are things we’d like to change.

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Stop Updating Already – What We Hate About Windows 10

As with most new operating systems, updates are regular and seem like they are never ending. It’s something we particularly hate about Windows 10. The updates were out of the user’s control and if you didn’t restart after an update, Windows took it upon itself to do it for you. And then that data in an open app was gone. As of version 1903, Microsoft will no longer force these updates but rather allows you to complete it when it’s convenient. So, we suggest you set “Active Hours” to control the time of reboots. In the middle of something, you can also pause updates for up to 7 days.

turn off sticky keys windows 10

How to stop sticky keys ie keyboard shortcuts

Pressing the >>shift key 5 times in a row brings up the Sticky Keys feature. There you can create keyboard shortcuts, enabling you to hit one key instead of several at the same time. If you didn’t mean to set these up the sticky keys can be pretty annoying. To disable the feature, select >>shift 5 times again and a box will open. There, click >>Ease of Access >>Keyboard >>Settings and uncheck the box >>turn on sticky keys.

Why is that app there? I don’t want it

Yes, you can delete unused apps, even those Windows 10 thought you’d like such as Groove Music. Go to >>Settings >>Apps >>Apps & Features and delete away all those weather, calendar and other apps you don’t care about.

Why Do I Keep Getting Notifications?

If you’re like us, you can’t stand all those noises and popups, notifying you of one thing or another. Thankfully you can turn them all off in Windows 10. Go to >>Settings >>System >>Notifications & Actions and turn them all off with one click or just turn those off you find most annoying. You can turn off sounds on all of them as well. Get the settings the way you want.

Hold Tight – Cortana Is Still Evolving

Now less of an assistant and more of an app, the Cortana window can be resized and moved around like other apps. In Microsoft’s goal to make Cortana more dialogue friendly, some capabilities have been lost while others are in development. Stay tuned for the 20H1 update of Windows 10.

Windows Search – Waiting and Waiting

We like the ability to search our laptop for documents, downloads and photos with >>enhanced mode search. We just hate how long it takes. With the next Windows 10 update, Microsoft is dialing back the search ability to comb your entire hard drive. Windows Search will also feature new, compact previews of webpages when you perform a web search.

Remove Those Tiles

One of the first things that looks new about Windows 10 are tiles that appear on the right side of the start up menu. The tiles throw many happy Windows 7 users off. You can make them go away by right-clicking and choose >>unpin from start. You can also resize them to take up less space.

Forced To The Edge

With Windows 10, Microsoft made its Edge browser the default. While you might prefer to still use Chrome, Firefox or others, there are reasons why you should give Edge a try. In our tests, the newest version of Edge is a bit faster than Chrome and uses a bit less ram (+-10%). We also like its ability to launch a website as if it were an app. Still don’t like Edge you can switch it. Select the >>Windows 10 Start button >>settings >>apps >>default apps and select your desired web browser. 

How to fix Windows 10 file deletion problem

Many complained to Microsoft that since installing the latest update, their Windows 10 desktop and Start menu were set to default. Any wallpapers, icons and shortcuts they had set or created had disappeared. More troublesome were complaints that files kept on the desktop were unknowingly removed. If that’s you, there is a fix in the works. Right now it’s a complex method requiring users to create a new local account. Then transfer data from a temporary account caused by the update to the new one. We’re hoping an improved fix will be forthcoming soon.

Video Editing – It’s Not Gone

The legacy Windows Movie Maker that came free in Windows 7 is similar to what you can find built into the Windows 10 Photos app. Don’t think of Photos as just a way to organize your pictures and videos. You can use the Photos app to edit, add music, text, motion, effects and share it. 

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