The Doctor Is In: Diagnosing Common Computer Problems

i-computerIt’s pretty common, and correct, to compare a computer to the human brain. After all, they both use incredible amounts of connections and combinatory pathways to process information and make decisions. But your computer can also be like the body as a whole. Both are incredibly complex, with way more packed in there than seems possible, and capable of doing amazing things. Both, sadly, are also pretty fragile. If you really thought about the number of things that could go wrong with your body on any given day, you’d probably never get out of bed (also dangerous!).

With computers, it’s largely the same thing. There is a lot that can go wrong. We see a lot of common computer problems every day. While they aren’t quite as important a possession as your corporeal form, for Bay Area small businesses and residents, they are still crucial. All your work is done on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You store valuable information, as well as memories there. If you get sick, you go to a doctor. If something is going wrong with your computer, you come to the experts at ClickAway. Our 18 years of experience help us diagnose the problem with your computer before you pay anything. We give you an estimate, fix it, and get you back in business. Here are the most common computer problems, and how to get ahead of them.

Virus and Spyware Issues

Hacks dominate the news. Not a week goes by where a major company or, at the very least, a very weird and shockingly expansive corner of the adulterous internet gets hacked, and tons of information is leaked. It’s easy to look at this as something only happening to big companies. But every computer connected to the internet is a target, and viruses are big-time dangers to small businesses. An employee who uses a weak password or opens some seemingly-innocuous spam can put you and your business at risk (pro tip: just like with the real human body, spam is never a good idea). Malware can steal your information, or even essentially blackmail you with the risk of destroying your data unless you pay up. If this happens, bring your computers to ClickAway, where we can remove the damaging viruses and spyware without destroying your valuable information.

Slow Computer

There are few things more frustrating for a Bay Area small business than slow computers. You sigh, stare while narrowing your eyes menacingly, say “Come on…come on” but for some reason, none of that works (top computer scientists are still trying to figure out why). Chances are, the memory is overloaded, and there is too much junk in the system. If you aren’t an expert, cleaning it out can be difficult, and you might lose more than you had hoped for. Bring it to one of our 33 Northern California repair locations, or call us and we’ll come to you to clean it. We can get your computer up and humming again.

Lost Data and Crashed Hard Drives

It’s not an exaggeration to say that your business runs on the data contained within your computers. Client information, proprietary secrets, payroll, HR, shipping logistics, schematics—anything you use is on there. So when a hard drive crashes or your data is accidentally deleted, it can seem like a gruesome amputation. But just as people talk about “the phantom limb,” chances are your data is still in there somewhere, just needing to be retrieved. It’s hard to really picture, but the data is literally physically in the computer, condensed into the processors, and the data recovery experts at ClickAway can retrieve everything that is salvageable.

Internet Connectivity Problems

This might lead to more sighing and fuming than the slow computer. The internet has gone from a welcome distraction to a vital, even intrinsic part of the majority of jobs in the region. So when your home or office has connectivity issues, it can be more than annoying: it can be absolutely crippling. Our business networking and home networking solutions can set up a system that gives you all the connectivity you need, and works to give you room to grow seamlessly, without slowdowns. You need internet connectivity that matches your ambitions, and at ClickAway, we can provide it.

If something is going wrong with your body, you don’t go see your nephew’s friend who “has seen, like, a dozen or so episodes of House.” You go to an expert. It is the same thing with your home or small business computer. At ClickAway, or expert computer repair technicians can quickly diagnose and fix your common computer problem, whether in one of our 33 Northern California repair locations or at your home or business. Just watch some of the technology issues we see every day. That’s right: if you have an issue, like doctors of old, ClickAway makes house calls. Contact us today to find out how we can help you heal.

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