The Best Desktop Computer For Students

Studies show most students will opt for a laptop for school but choosing a desktop computer provides more RAM and storage. For instance, Engadget points out this is great for gamers and students of photography, filmmaking or audio production. If your student falls into one of these categories, consider a lessor expensive portable device for note taking in class. After that, splurge on one of the opens in a new windowfive machines Engadget selected for the desk at home.

Which Desktop Computer Is Best?

Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac mini student desktop computer

Apple iMac (21.5-inch, 4K Retina Display)


Corsair One i140

HP Omen Obelisk 875

HP Envy 27

hp envy 27 student desktop computer

ClickAway Data Transfer & Computer Setup

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Enhanced Performance – $49

  • Download all critical and recommended updates from Microsoft or Apple
  • Configure Windows Update Service to automatically download / install
  • Download / Install Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, Flash Player, Shockwave, Java, Chrome, and Antivirus
  • Install up to two customer supplied software titles

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