Cracked Screen Repair: Screen damage does not equal data loss/damage

Cracked screen repair - does not mean data lossCracked Screen Repair: What Exactly Has Cracked?

We do a lot of cracked screen repairs on smartphones, tablets and PCs these days. As such, a cracked screen does not mean data loss. Let’s face it, they are easy to break but a broken display does not mean your device is broken and your data is lost. You may not be able to see the data but ClickAway can.

Data is no longer kept in hardcopy. Everything we record is soft copy, stored on external drives and increasingly, on a cloud server. Your device needing a cracked screen repair may look cosmetically bad but the board is rarely damaged.

Most of the time with a cracked screen, the hardware still performs. You just have to see if you can get to your data. If the gadget uses a memory card, no problem, fixed. Most devices come with a cable to connect to your computer and you can get your data that way. Others may have an HDMI output, so a monitor and a mouse is all you need. If these options are not available and you still can’t get your data, ClickAway offers data recovery and our success rate is over 90%. In those few exceptions, we’ll send the device out to a reputable data recovery lab. ClickAway currently has a deal of $20 off data retrieval/transfer/storage. Call any one of our 6 stores to get an estimate.

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