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computer network solutionsIf you’ve started a Bay Area or Northern California business, chances are you’re eager to grow it. That just might require an understanding of best computer network solutions. After all, that’s the point of starting something: to guide it along and to let your vision turn into a reality. You have a unique product or service and you want to share it with the world. But that growth you’re aiming for also comes with its own challenges.

Most of our clients admit that they were more scared of failing at the time they started their business, so they weren’t thinking about the issues that come with growth and success. But while those are, in general, good issues to have, planning and adjusting for growth is just as vital to your business as getting it off the ground. No one awards a medal for just jumping off the pommel horse. You have to stick the landing.

Businesses in the information age have easier ways to manage growth than before. In the early part of the industrial age, if you were opening a second office in East Coalblight, you had to coordinate via horse-delivered letters. It’s much easier now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have unanticipated problems arising from the very technology that makes our modern business climate possible. Even tech companies can be tripped up by these issues. For non-tech companies in Northern California, getting tech and computer network solutions settled before you grow is vital to making the transition.

Computer Network Solutions: Getting Ready to Scale Up

Probably the biggest tech issue that companies face when they’re looking to make an exponential leap in size is one of processes and workflows. You’ve been working with 10 or 12 people and you’re doing a good job with the accounts you have, but suddenly, clients start pouring in. You have to make a decision about hiring enough people to get the job done right while also  opens in a new windowfocusing on which processes can be automated. Automation is the ability to have a process take care of itself. These are usually tech solutions. If there is paperwork that’s always done by an individual to onboard a client and establish their particular needs, you may want to set up a system that handles that. What your business has to decide is if the loss of a personal touch is outweighed by the efficiency you gain.

Building the Right Network

One of the advantages of being a tech startup is that people already have the knowledge it takes to build the right system that ensures workplace efficiency. For non-tech companies, that isn’t always the case. It’s often an ad hoc system that is set up to meet the needs of the day. But your network is what keeps your business humming, efficient, and connected to the outside world. You have to ask yourself questions: “Is the cloud right for us?” and “Does my business need a server?” For the second, if you have more than a few employees, opens in a new windowthe answer is yes. opens in a new windowPeer-to-Peer systems are great when you’re getting going, but they are ultimately inefficient and can be risky.

Don’t forget that you can always ask the experts. We have clients come to us for business computer network solutions all the time who aren’t sure what they want. As long as you know where you want your business to go, the opens in a new windowBusiness Computer Cabling can help you out.

Understanding Social Media

This is less tech-focused but still terribly important to the world we live in. When you start your company, your Twitter following might be composed entirely of friends and family. However, as you grow and your brand spreads, you’ll suddenly find yourself with a lot of followers. This brings a lot of pressure, but with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps, you can create a real image of your company for the world. Remember that you’re promoting your brand and not yourself. Be focused, be friendly, and be informative. Don’t waste people’s time and you’ll begin to see that opens in a new windowit’s a great use of yours.

Keeping Your Data Secure

New faces. New customers. New media asking you questions. New publicity. New dangers. With growth comes weakness. Think of an empire whose remote outposts are being overrun by barbarians and coming apart. That eventually hits the center. The same thing can happen to your network if you expand without considering how to keep your customer data and other proprietary information secure. It’s not just a matter of better passwords – it’s a matter of opens in a new windowtop-to-bottom network protection, as well as data backup and recovery plans. It’s easy to focus on the big picture while ignoring the details, but if the details crumble, so does the picture.

The Need for Cabling: Anticipate Change

Cabling is pretty basic. When new computers come into your system, they have to be attached to the network in a way that allows them to be compatible. Otherwise, you just have a patchwork system that is doomed to eventually fail. This is more than just a matter of screwing in coaxial cables, though. If you work with the a great opens in a new windowNorthern California cabling team, they won’t just turn on a computer. They’ll work with you to understand where you want your system to be in a month, a year, a decade. They’ll work with you to anticipate growth so that they can set provide computer network solutions in a logical way that makes that eventual growth smooth and the transitions seamless.

That’s the whole nut of the matter right there when it comes to computer network solutions. Growing is about imagining what comes next and being prepared for it. You aren’t going to grow properly if you don’t plan for it. You’ll grow haphazardly, a lumpy and gangly beast, and will ultimately fall apart. It’s helpful to think of your network: you don’t want a bunch of computers working discordantly. You want a real system from top to bottom that works in the present, aims you towards the future, and can consistently adapt along the way. If your business is as forward-thinking and prepared as a network can be, growth will be a replicating opportunity.

Northern California businesses need the best Business Networking and IT Solutions. At ClickAway, we know what you need to grow and we’re excited to be a part of it. opens in a new windowContact us today to get started with our expert technicians.

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