5 Customer Service Fails For Tech Shoppers

i-peopleFor decades, the auto mechanic was the go-to reference point for customer nightmares. You car was really important, and so you needed to get it fixed, but going to a garage was a miserable experience. The mechanic could throw out all sorts of esoteric and possibly-made-up jargon designed to confuse you and lead you, like terrified gazelle, into making bad decisions. You’d end up agreeing to whatever they said, and not realize until much later that it wasn’t necessary. The reputation of mechanics got so bad that repair places began to advertise based on their honesty, and eventually, the industry as a whole changed. That’s not the case in tech.

Tech sales and repair, whether for computers or for mobile, has replaced the mechanic as the leading nightmare for customers. People dread going to buy new tech, because they are afraid they’ll spend too much money, and be confused by irritating customer service reps. At ClickAway, we believe the industry should change, but we’re not waiting around for it to do so. We’re leading that change, which is why we have been awarded for our customer service and recognized as the Northern California’s leader in computer and wireless sales and repair. Here are five ways that shopping for tech can lead to customer service fails, in the form of five tech sales “personas,” and how ClickAway avoids them.

The Disdainful Employee

Even in Northern California, not everyone is familiar with every aspect of tech. It may surprise some advertisers, but the majority of people, even around Silicon Valley, don’t spend all day reading about new developments. That’s why going to shop for a new smartphone or tablet or computer can be so irritating. You run into the smug salesperson who can barely hide their contempt for you not having a strong opinion about the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 6s. They act like it is beneath them to explain it to you, like if you aren’t in the club you aren’t worthy of their help. This makes a lot of people too embarrassed to ask questions, which can lead to bad decisions. It’s also really obnoxious.

The ClickAway Difference: Look, we know that not everyone is as obsessed with tech as we are, and we know that if we were to walk into your job, we wouldn’t understand what you do. So we know how it goes, and are here to help you learn. We love answering questions, and never make you feel bad. We don’t act like high priests guarding a mysterious temple. We just love tech, and love talking about it.

The Pushy Employee

The pushy employee is different than the disdainful one, but they are kin. The pushy employee also preys on the fact that you aren’t super familiar with tech, and uses that to get you to buy things you don’t need, and maybe don’t want. They talk fast and drop brand names and industry jargon and try to steer you to what they want you to buy, not what you need to buy. They try to overwhelm you.

The ClickAway Difference. We aren’t pushy. We don’t want to overwhelm you. We listen to you, and work to understand exactly what you are looking for. We know that not everyone wants the latest phone. That’s why we have years’ worth of models, including basic flip phones and cell phones that aren’t “smart.” We have something for everyone, and are excited to figure out your needs—not ours.

The “Why Are You Here?” Employee

There’s nothing worse than going into a store and having the workers treat you like you aren’t there, or like your opening the door is some sort of intrusion into a private home. They are annoyed that you had the temerity to come in to buy something or to need a repair. What’s wrong with you? Can’t you see that this store is really just meant as a way for them to be paid to text with their friends?

The ClickAway Difference: We love when people come in. With 6 stores in Northern California, we’re part of the community. Our customers are friends, neighbors, and family. We treat everyone like they live next door. You know when people say things like “Oh, we’ll get great service there—my cousin Tommy is the assistant manager!”? Well, we believe that every store should have your cousin Tommy in charge, or at least make you feel that way.

The Distant and Unreachable Employee

There’s nothing worse than walking into a store to buy a new computer or smartphone and realizing that you could be there for an hour before even talking to someone. There are only one or two people working, and the line stretches like the desert sands. You’re going to grow bored and impatient before you even get served, and frankly, the employee isn’t going to be in a great mood either. That can only lead to cascading customer service fails.

The ClickAway Difference: We keep our stores well-staffed so that we can handle any influx of customers. We believe that this is good for our patrons and for our staff. Happy employees and happy customers make for happy business, which is why our stores average less than 10 minutes of wait time. Feel free to set up an appointment, but you can also drop in at any time.

The Know-Nothing Employee

Everyone hates the mechanic who tries to fool you, but at least they usually know what they are doing. It’s worse when you have a bad mechanic who thinks that maybe your problem is tire pressure when it is pretty clear the engine is on fire and there is a medium-sized family of bats living near the brake pads. It’s the same thing with tech. If your customer service rep doesn’t know their stuff, they won’t know how to help you, and you won’t get what you need. It could be the blind leading the blind.

The ClickAway Difference: Our staff members are well-trained and are experts at what they do. More than that, they have a passion for tech. We love computers. We love tablets. We love smartphones. We love learning about them, using them, and talking about them. We love knowing what can go wrong, and how to prevent it or fix it. When you come in, we’re excited to talk to you, to listen to you, and to figure out the best way to get you what you need.

Shopping for computers or getting repair work done for a malfunctioning computer or mobile device can be frustrating. Furthermore, we’d like these activities to be free of customer service fails. It shouldn’t be confusing, it shouldn’t be intimidating, and it shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable. We believe that walking into a ClickAway should be a pleasant experience, no matter your needs and no matter the level of your knowledge. Maybe one day the rest of the industry will catch up. For now, we’re happy to lead.

Just watch some of the technology issues our service associates face every day. Likewise, we face them without customer service fails, as it should be.

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