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Running out of power? Let's talk battery replacement

You charge your laptop or phone – but as soon as you unhook it from the charging cable, you can watch the battery icon drain. What is going on? It may be time for a battery replacement.

Batteries for laptops or phones will start to deteriorate over a period of 2 to 3 years, which also means they will stop holding a charge. There are several contributing factors that can shorten your battery life, such as keeping your phone or laptop on charge all the time or using unofficial chargers.

Here is the good news, though. Batteries for both laptops and phones can be replaced. But this is not a DIY job, this must be done by an expert. If done incorrectly, it can damage your system and hardware, and wrong parts can void the warranties. Just try to put an incorrect Apple battery replacement in your MacBook and see what AppleCare says.

How do I know when I need to replace my battery?

  • Computer is getting hot
  • Trackpad is no longer responding
  • Charger is getting hot
  • Laptop is getting deformed, case splits open
  • Battery icon goes to 0% when unplugged
  • Laptop turns off when unplugged
  • Phone is getting hot to the touch
  • Phone does not charge
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Let’s answer the question “how to check iPad battery health?” If you’re like a lot of us, you relentlessly charge your iPad even if doing so might be hurting the iPad battery over the long-term. You think to yourself, “It needs to stay charged,” as you look over at your iPad left plugged in for the last several days or weeks. But does it?

Troubleshooting steps – how to check iPad battery health

how to check iPad battery health

One of the best forms of preventative maintenance you can easily carry out for your iPad is to periodically check its battery health. Not the number in the upper-right corner of your screen that shows you how much juice you have left as a percentage. We mean the more detailed look into how your iPad battery is faring overall.

While there’s not much you can do if your battery is really dying, except an iPad battery replacement, at least you’ll know if your device is approaching weak status or that your charging habits might be wrong. With luck, you’ll notice a dying battery while your device is still under warranty, so your battery replacement will be free. Of course ClickAway tablet repair technicians are always here to – for free.

Unlike the iPhone, Apple doesn’t have a feature to check iPad battery status. The only battery health display for iPads is from a few third party sources. We use Coconut Battery. The value does go up and down and seems to be temperature dependent to some degree. The developer says that it’s more of a live reading that can fluctuate but at least it gives you some idea. ClickAway can also check iPad battery health for you. Ask about our free basic diagnostic.

  1. Download, install, and open coconutBattery.
  2. Connect your iPad to your Mac. If you upgrade to coconutBattery Plus, you can connect via Wi-Fi.
  3. The first tab shows information about your Mac’s battery health. Click iOS Device to check your iPad battery health.
  4. CoconutBattery delivers valuable current and historical data about your iPad’s battery, but the key things to check to assess battery health are Design Capacity and Full Charge Capacity.

Design Capacity is the maximum charge that the battery could hold when it was brand new, measured in milliamps (mAh). Full Charge Capacity is the current maximum charge it can have.

Look at the bar beneath Design Capacity. The closer the number is to 100%, the better battery health your iPad has. As that number drops to 80% and below, consider a new battery (or new iPad).

iMazing is another app that works similarly to coconutBattery but delivers even more useful info. 

Why Check iPad Battery Health? 

If your iPad is more than a year or so old, it’s a good idea to check its battery health now and then. While the iPad battery usually lasts for a couple of years at total capacity and then ever longer holding less of a charge, some batteries die quicker than others. If your iPad battery health is terrible, you’ll need to take action sooner to prevent your iPad from becoming unusable.

Why You Should Clear Cache On iPad & How To Do It

Deleting Safari cache can help when a website doesn’t work correctly and clearing data will free up extra space, but can make websites load slower.

Apple iPad is a tablet, but in many ways it works like a computer. This means that some of the same steps that help a computer keep running smoothly, may also help an iPad. In particular, the web browser, Safari, is such a frequently used app, that it might be more likely to experience trouble. Clear cache on iPad is a good way to get a fresh start when something goes wrong.

Apple advanced the usefulness of the iPad significantly when it made its Safari web browser behave like a desktop Mac browser. This means that most every website will behave the same on an iPad as it does on an iMac, MacBook or Mac Pro. Of course, part of the normal computer experience is using a mouse and physical keyboard. That can be done on an iPad now also, but Apple took care to offer most of the functionality of a mouse while using the touchscreen. Websites may have a different layout on an iPad, but this is a matter of the screen dimensions, not the browser. Apple does allow the user to change the zoom level, which can help if a particular website isn’t presented well.

clear cache on iPad

Deleting the  opens in a new windowSafari cache is a good idea in instances that a website appears to be out of date. It may also help when a website isn’t performing correctly. A cache is made up of images, videos and other data that websites use to display the contents of a page. Clearing these stored files will free up extra space. It should be noted though that a frequently visited website will load more slowly if its cache is cleared. That is why it’s important to think about whether to clear cache on iPad entirely or only for certain websites.

Clearing the Safari cache is easy to do using the Settings app. The controls are in the Safari section, which can be found by scrolling down or by searching Settings for Safari. To search Settings, open the app and swipe down on the left side until the search box appears. When the Safari options are open, scrolling all the way to the bottom reveals the Advanced option. This is where a particular website’s data can be cleared, which is normally the best choice. In Advanced/Website Data, the storage used by each website is shown and the user can swipe left to reveal a Delete button.

If something is going wrong with multiple websites or the maximum amount of free space is needed, it will be easier to clear all website data. The entire cache can be cleared without going in to Advanced options. Instead, the button is in the outer Safari Settings page. Simply tap Clear History and Website Data and confirm to remove the cache. Note that this also clears website history, so make sure this more aggressive iPad clearing is needed before taking this step.

ClickAway Apple repair technicians are happy to answer any questions you have. If your tablet is damaged, there’s only one place to turn: ClickAway, the Northern California’s leading computer repair and iPad repair shop. Our expert, friendly technicians can diagnose your problem and let you know all your available options, including in-store repair. When your tablet is broken, you can despair—or you can come to ClickAway. Contact one of our 6 Bay Area locations today to make an appointment, request a quote, or find a store near you!

Category: iPad screen repair

To answer the question “how much to repair iPad screen,” we have to start with Apple. According to Apple, if your iPad issue is covered under our warranty you won’t pay a fee. Otherwise, repairs are considered out of warranty (and not covered) when:

  • Your iPad is no longer covered by the Apple warranty.
  • Your iPad screen gets broken accidentally.
  • Your iPad has other accidental damage or issues caused by unauthorized modifications. 

The price differences – how much to repair iPad screen

Apple charges anywhere from $379 to $749 (plus tax) to fix a broken iPad screen, depending on the model. ClickAway Apple technicians perform iPad repairs every day. Screen replacements for newer models, like the iPad pro, are usually in the $300-$350 range. For older iPads, the screen and LCD repair costs are separate. That’s why it’s important to assess the damage rather than assuming the worst—sometimes it’s a screen-only repair, and that will run around $160. Our iPad repair prices are as low as $49.

Category: iPad screen repair

Free Basic Diagnostics - We Can Check Your iPad Battery Health

The first thing our skilled technicians do is perform a free basic diagnostic exam to determine exactly what is wrong with your computer, desktop, or laptop. Once we have found the root of the problem, our tech support will explain what is wrong and provide repair options, including cost and time estimates. If you choose to proceed, they will get started on your computer and laptop repair right away. Our diagnostic is high quality and saves you a lot of time and agony. It really is how computer repairing shops near me should be.

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One thing you can be assured of with ClickAway, your computer and laptop are in good hands. Our trained technicians have experience with all computer brands. We have loads of experience with MacBook Air battery replacement jobs and so much more. ClickAway has repair services including cooling fans, cracked screens, ports, batteries, RAM, hard drives and more. The technician will keep you updated on the progress of your device throughout the process. No matter what brand of computer, desktop, or laptop you have or your repair needs, you can be assured we will fix it quickly and professionally.

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ClickAway has always offered the lowest price guarantee on all computer, desktop, and laptop repairs. Need a great price for an HP laptop battery replacement? Ask us. If you find a lower published price on the same repair we will match or beat that price. All of our repairs come with a 90-day guarantee so you can rest assured. If you are looking for the most affordable computer repair near me, desktop repair, or laptop repair near me, come to ClickAway.

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