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Network Security - Only $79/hr for PCs and $99/hr for Macs!

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Protecting your network is a top priority in today's world of information management. ClickAway will work with you to assess your current situation and then design and implement a security plan tailored to your specific needs.

Your wireless network gives you the freedom to use your computer anywhere in your home or office. Remember, though, that the wireless network extends beyond the walls of your home, which means neighbors and strangers might be able to access your network without your knowledge.

Prevent unwanted access to your network!

  • We'll secure your network so nobody else can read your email, see the websites you visit or copy your user names and/or passwords
  • We'll make sure nobody can access your network to send spam or other messages using your network connection
  • A secure network will result in faster, more reliable Internet access!

Your ClickAway technician can install security features to limit access to your wireless network. Call today to learn more about network security and to get a quote for your home or office!

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