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NETWORK MAINTENANCE - As low as $79/hour!

Regular network maintenance helps maintain the integrity of your business network! An experienced ClickAway technician will perform the following monthly or quarterly network maintenance services:

For Each Computer on the Network

  • Check AntiVirus Activity, Updates & Subscriptions
  • Check available space on all hard drives
  • Check memory for each workstation
  • Clean up browser cookies and temp files
  • Download and install Microsoft software updates
  • Check and remove spyware from each workstation
  • Check for excessive start-up programs
  • Check CPU usage on workstations to eliminate potential bottlenecks
  • Optimize desktops
  • Check optical drive (CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM) functionality
  • Check and secure cable connections
  • Answer any questions or address individual user concerns

For the Network

  • Router, hub and firewall overview
  • Signal check from provider
  • Cable certification
  • Peripheral certification
  • Basic to advanced troubleshooting as needed

Pricing for Preventative Maintenance Packages will vary according to the number of computers and type of network and server being maintained. After assessing your particular maintenance needs, a flat monthly or quarterly rate will be determined.

Once you have purchased an annual Preventative Maintenance Package, we will work with you to set up an ongoing service date - for example, the first Monday of every month - so you know when to expect your ClickAway technician. Signing on for a Preventative Maintenance Package also makes you a ClickAway Preferred customer. ClickAway Preferred customers receive priority service when repairs are required, and are also eligible for discounts on services.

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