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Printer Repair

We have a lot of experience with printers, and have found that at least 75% of the "broken" printers we come across are either out of ink, not plugged in, or just need updated software drivers - and all those problems are easy to fix.

So bring us your tired, misbehaving printers and we'll tell you what it will take to get things fixed up. And if your poor old printer can't be repaired, we'll help you choose a new printer from the great selection we keep in stock.

Call or visit, and have your printer issues resolved today!

Did You Know?

Here is an example of a Microsoft error message you might receive when your computer encounters a printer problem:

"Your problem can be caused by various issues. 
General problems: The printer may be unavailable, the network may be down, the communication port to the printer may be corrupt or unavailable, a hardware error at the computer may have occurred (out of paper, paper jam, out of ink, out of toner, etc), and a language setting may need to be reset from the Regional Options control panel. 
Local problems: There are various reasons for a failure of a local printer (attached directly to your computer). Check to make sure the printer has paper, ink, and/or toner and check the cables. If the printer appears to be functional and a printer test by the printer itself indicates the printer is working properly, then check the cables, printer port from the computer, and configuration of the printer at the computer. Occasionally, an application can develop a conflict with the printer driver and cause a memory leak which corrupts the printer port. If all else fails, reboot the computer, recycle the power to the printer, and try printing again. Occasionally it is even necessary to delete the printer driver and reinstall the latest version of the printer driver. 
Network problems: There are various reasons for a network printer to be inaccessible. The name may have changed, it may be out of paper, out of ink, out of toner, down for maintenance, the network could be down, or a printer job previous to yours has stalled due to incorrect settings on the user's computer who last submitted a print job, or even your printer driver cannot communicate correctly with the printer. Network related printer failures are usually best handled by your local technical support. On occasion, large print jobs with complex graphics or consisting of several hundred pages, which can consume large quantities of memory on the printer, may cause a problem (especially if there was an overrun of memory at the printer). You may want to try reducing the amount of complex graphics in your print job, or break the print job up into smaller segments and see if that corrects your problem. It is not uncommon for a very complex graphic to have a defect or error which prevents it from printing on any printer. It may be necessary to load new or revised graphic converters or drivers in order to alleviate a problem of this type. 
To access the built in Windows Help Printer Troubleshooting topic for Windows XP, click Start, click Help and Support, click Printing and Faxing, click Fixing a printing problem from the Printing and Faxing list. From the Fixing a printing problem topic, select Printing Troubleshooter. 
To access the built in Windows Help Printer Troubleshooting topic for Windows 2000, click Start, click Help, click the Index tab, enter Print Troubleshoot in the Type in the keyword to find text box and press enter. From the resulting list, select Print from the left column."


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